YouTube Marketing

In 2019, I created a YouTube channel for The EPIC Storm where I would essentially do minimal work when uploading since it wasn’t a primary focus of mine. When 2021 hit, I had just over 1,500 subscribers while doing no optimization. I decided to go all-in on making the channel top-notch that year, and it starts with doing the little things correctly.

This begins with the video upload itself, and the first thing is something that everyone hates — marketing clickbait titles. Honestly, Buzzfeed-style headlines work for a reason — they get conversions. This is exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to YouTube videos. It isn’t much different than creating an email subject line to captivate the viewer. Often overlooked, the thumbnail, when viewing on mobile, is even more important than the title since the titles are often truncated. This means putting a few keywords or crucial items into the thumbnail can be very effective, use this to your advantage.

Something that many people overlook is that after Google, YouTube search is the most used search engine in the world — they’re owned by the same company and integrated. What does this mean? When you search for a topic, the top results are often videos even before articles with great search engine optimization (SEO). These videos are ranked primarily by their hidden YouTube SEO score among other secondary items.

The key to getting these SEO scores higher is integrating your video title, description, tags, and video data together using keywords.

Using these practices, at the end of 2021, I had more than quadrupled my growth, and saw a dramatic increase in brand revenue across the board. I’m looking to expand on that in 2022, primarily by broadening my viewer base and doing more collaborative work.

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