BUSH’s Email Marketing

When Pinckney Hugo Group received the BUSH’S® Beans email marketing business, the client was looking for a major overhaul. Aside from moving away from large image-based emails to HTML, these emails needed to be integrated into Salesforce’s content management system (CMS) called Exact Target as fully functional templates.

After creating templates in BUSH’S new flat-color branding, we began to focus on the content itself. BUSH’s was looking to move away from direct product-based marketing and more into the lifestyle of healthy living while showing their fun side (animated GIFs often result in a higher click-thru rate while being more engaging).

The real key is simplified content as a lot of companies attempt to turn their email marketing campaigns into landing pages to share their message. Studies have shown that you really only get a single click from any user who is willing to convert, which means that a centralized call-to-action is strongly recommended. One benefit to using Salesforce as your CMS is that you do see actual conversion metrics in your analytics, which backed the changes made.