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Welch Allyn Spot™ Vision Screener technology is changing the way routine vision screening is done.
One child out of four will suffer from a vision disorder. Through early detection and tools that screen quickly and provide support for follow-up care, you can help prevent vision disorders in your patients.
Spot Vision Screening technology provides a fast and easy way to detect risk factors for vision disorders that may have a lasting effect if not treated early. Its high completion and capture rates are consistent and reliable when compared to subjective vision testing methods used with young children, like charts and optotypes.
Screen patients as young as six months and detect pre-amblyopic and amblyopic risk factors, like strabismus and anisocoria, as well as near- and far-sightedness
Touchscreen operation requires minimal training; any healthcare professional on your staff can screen both eyes in seconds
Review pass/refer results on screen with the parent and then leave them with a one-page vision screening summary report that helps support follow-up with an eye care specialist
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